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Is this the best way to go for colormatching?

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I am going to colormatch my bumper cap and lower valance soon, and the painter I chose said it would be wise to buy those pieces paintable instead of having the shop sand my textured pieces. He didn't say how much extra it would be but he highly recommended it, so I'm guessing it would've been the better bet. It's going to cost me about $250 to buy those paintable pieces, plus $300 or so to get it painted. Should I go ahead and buy the pieces? What did some of you guys do? Thanks for any help.
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Not trying to hijack, but where could I get a paint-ready bumper cap and valance for an '04? Thanks.
No problem, I am ordering my valance for my '05 from I couldn't find it on their site so I called them and he said they had one for $52 (or it might have been $58.. dont remember). If you want, ask for Johnathan, he's real nice. And they dont sell the bumper cap, he said you have to order that straight from the dealership. So I called my local dealer and they said it's $205 to get the paintable '06 bumper cap (which will fit 03-06). Hope that helps.
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