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Is this the best way to go for colormatching?

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I am going to colormatch my bumper cap and lower valance soon, and the painter I chose said it would be wise to buy those pieces paintable instead of having the shop sand my textured pieces. He didn't say how much extra it would be but he highly recommended it, so I'm guessing it would've been the better bet. It's going to cost me about $250 to buy those paintable pieces, plus $300 or so to get it painted. Should I go ahead and buy the pieces? What did some of you guys do? Thanks for any help.
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Just a question here, I have a buddy who has by far the cleanest dmax I have ever seen. I will try and get pics of it later but he always paints his plastic himself by going to a paint shop and having them put the paint in a rattle can. Sands primes adhesion promoter and then paints it himself. Just had the painter do it for the first time and its already cracking. And before it would take over a year till it actually obtains cracks.

In other words, dont you have to have these plastics repainted every now and then? Wouldnt it just be smarter to do it that method to save lots of dough? Its on plastic so its not like its on metal. Thats how I looked at it, please correct me though as I do not have any experience doing so yet, looking to doing it this summer.
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