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Is this the best way to go for colormatching?

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I am going to colormatch my bumper cap and lower valance soon, and the painter I chose said it would be wise to buy those pieces paintable instead of having the shop sand my textured pieces. He didn't say how much extra it would be but he highly recommended it, so I'm guessing it would've been the better bet. It's going to cost me about $250 to buy those paintable pieces, plus $300 or so to get it painted. Should I go ahead and buy the pieces? What did some of you guys do? Thanks for any help.
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it should last on plastic as long as it was done right and the panels are not damaged while on the road. the paint may be cracking due to not having a flex additive mixed in. I know some automotive paints come with it, such as sherwin-williams. When I was going to wyotech, the sherwin rep came out with a piece of a shower curtain sprayed with red paint. You could roll it up into a little ball, or crumble it as tight as you could and the paint would not flake off at all.
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