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ISS spoiler & hardware

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Originally bought this to put on my truck...but funds are i'm forced to sell. It comes primed and ready for paint.

I also have the brackets & hardware to mount the side pieces (from 99ImperSSonator) (included) ...but not the hardware to mount the main wing. I can however, provide you with GM part #'s for the correct bolts that you will need. Shouldn't be more than $50 to have everything needed to mount this.

Asking $270 + shipping or best offer.

Looking to get rid of this shoot me all offers. :)
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uppity uppity up...

$270 shipped to the lower 48!
up up up!
ISS? im assuming this is from an SSSilverado but whats the "I" for?
ISS = Intimidator SS

Now $240 + shipping!
Sold to Victor. :shake:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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