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right now my truck is a bone stock 93 stepside regular cab 2x ,except for the 20s on it. I have some 3" lowering springs somebody gave me but nothing for the rear. As of right now I could kinda go either way but I have an airbagged Blazer so I was think why not have both? I know I could do a search and get part numbers and such for a 2x lift, but what do you guys with a 2x lift think? Im thinking like a 3" spindle and some coils with blocks for the rear as well as something like a 31-33" set-o-tires for the 20s. what do yall think and keep in mind Im not rich and this is a daily driver that wont see offroad much unless I have to unload stuff in my backyard and I just want the tough look
the 20s are 20x8s btw
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