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VM9312 Parking Brake Override - Display Purposes ONLY

AM-FM Tuner selected
Press "Setup" button on the remote control
Press - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0
System info will appear on TFT screen
On the left-hand side of the display, there will be a few icons in a vertical column
Select the second icon from the top – Hammer/Screwdriver (the first icon is already selected because you are viewing that sub-menu)
Region Code and Parking Brake Overide will appear
Select ON-OFF next to the text “Parking Brake Override”. Select ON.
Press the "X" at the bottom of the Sub-Menu to exit and save the setting.

not sure if this is a repost. this works on 07 models. the only other thread i found was for the olser decks.
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