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We had an absolutely gorgeous day for the show. About 90 degrees and pure sun. My beat red arms, neck and face can prove it :help: Although I dont have official numbers, it looked like about 60-65 cars, somewhere in that range. Everything from the 1930s to 2007s were out in attendance. Some unbelievable cars were there. Beautiful restorations, originals, modifieds, you name it.

My class was new cars, year 200-2007, vettes, mustangs, etc. I believe we had 9 cars in our class in total. All in terrific condition, which made for some tough competition. I wound up taking 1st place in my class, :beer: only beating 2nd place by 2pts. I lost most of my points on the engine. I knew I would. I did not have any time to spend cleaning the engine and accepted that I would get knocked down in that area. The rest of the car pulled me through I guess :)

Heres a photobucket link to the pics i took today. Hopefully it will work ok. And I posted a couple shots of my car and a few choice favorites from the show, enjoy :beer:

zoundbarrier/June 2nd Car Show - Morristown NJ - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My M3. Best in Class; 2000-2007 model year




And my absolute favorite car there goes to this! I dont have enough adjectives to describe it. I just loved it! Unbelievable attention to detail. Undercarriage was airbrushed/painted, polished, custom one-off pieces, etc etc. Just an stunning display of workmanship and taste. Again, this was my favorite. I heard rumors he just sold it for 100k :secret



Undercarriage/wheel well:
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