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Watch the video and follow the instructions within. I took a month to go over every inch of this Toyota Camry and remove every scratch, swirl and anything else that I could find wrong with it. You are looking at the final results. I still need to address the wheels, wheel well and engine. But paint correction is what I die to do on a black car. If you have a black car, your paint should look no less than this good.

The products that I used to correct the paint were from the Optimum line: Optimum Compound II, Polish II, Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish. I used only orange and white Hex-Logic pads, Gary Dean's Infinite Use Detail Juice, Zaino's Z6, Zaino's Border Free Blond towels, waffle weave towels from The Rag Company, Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers (2000, 2500, 3000), the PC-7424XP, the Flex 3401VRG and the Makita 9227C polishers, Clay Magic clay, and the car was cleaned with Mr. Pink car shampoo. That's your product list.

This video was recorded and uploaded in full 1080p.

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