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Just picked up a new amp... need sub and box suggestions

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So in my quest to replace my garbage Wal-Mart Jensen amp that has finally shit the bed, i scored an Alpine M1000 at Best Buy for $200. I couldnt really pass up a $400 amp at half price, even if it kind of is overkill for what i've got. For now, i've just got a little pioneer 10 in a shitty truck box, but it was free so i'm not complaining. I ultimately want to replace the box and sub(s), but it's been so long since i've played with that shit, i don't know where to start. I like the Atrend boxes at best buy online, but i'm confused about 10s versus 12s. I was reading somewhere on here that 10s are better in downfiring applications since the 12s can hit the floor and cause damage. is this true? I'm not doing competitions or anything like that, i just like my music loud and to sound good. I listen to mainly rock/metal and the occasional jigga music, if that makes much difference in sub/box choice. Suggestions?
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ok i just checked the sub and it might not be as crappy as i thought.. it's a Pioneer TS-W256DVC but i can't seem to find much info on it that's not printed in spanish (maybe that's telling me something, lol) but it's got a huge fucking magnet on it. Says it's 800w max and 350w nom, @ 4 ohms. I'm thinking the wedge box that it's in is probably not the best. Also, how should i wire that thing to get the most out of it?
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