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I thought I'd put this in the performance section so people who are selecting performance parts might see it...if a mod feels the need to move it, please do so.

I've had my K&N FIPK for almost 3 years now. I've had two minor issues with the kit--the first was the chrome cap on the end of the filter rusting--replaced under warranty, free of charge. I had the part the same week that I reported the problem.

The second was a problem with the rubber trim that goes around the edge of the heatshield. It started to separate, leaving the hard "channel" piece on the metal of the shield, and the rubber completely detached from it. I called K&N and asked what could be done. Since I have no reciept, they asked me to email them a pic of the problem, and promptly sent a replacement to me free of charge!!!!

Excellent product, excellent warranty, excellent service. What more could you ask for?

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