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Kenwood Graphic Equalizer and a pair or Rockford Digital Caps

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I have a Kenwood KGC-9044 In-dash Graphic EQ for sale.

They sell for over $200 on Ebay and Much more Elsewhere. The unit is in Perfect working order. I took it out of my Jeep before I sold it and didn't need it for my new system setup. This will make anyone's system sound better if using external Amplifiers.

looks just like this:

I also have a pair of Rockford Fosgate 1.0 farad Digital Caps. They have Digital displays of the voltage and them pump well over 14v consistantly. Their visible condition is now fair being mounted behind an amp rack. they now have slight scuffing of the logos and have a very small ding on each of them, but I can tell you they work just fine.

I'll take $125 shipped for the EQ
and $50 for each of the Capacitors

let me know if you have any other questions.

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I might be interested in the EQ. Not sure yet. I'd like to know if it will fit in the 03-up console or not. I think it will.
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If the face plate of the Console is the same size as the 99+ console, It will fit w/ very minor trimming. I just put a 1/2 din EQ in my roommates tahoe there. I have the cradle for the EQ along with the trim piece, so It will fit flush.

let me know..
That's a pretty good price for that EQ and I might get one of the caps too. I have a 1 farad Stinger cap with digital display but it's a kinda of a gay pink. The cap is good but that RF one would be better since that's what I have. I'll let you know pretty soon. I should get the console by Friday that way I can find out.
hell i might get one of the caps...would you be willing to go 50 shipped to code 94044
Joshs2002Silverado said:
hell i might get one of the caps...would you be willing to go 50 shipped to code 94044

$50 shipped is the price to your door. PM me if you want it.
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