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keyless entry

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When I bought my suburban it didnt come with a remote, So I went to the dealer gave them the Vin got the number for the proper remote purchased it and went to program it and My truck will not enter program mode. (Hold unlock cycle key on off on off then release the unlock) and at that point the locks should cycle themselves to confirm the entry of programming mode..well mine doesn't do that.Any body have an idea as to why? From what I understand I shouldn't have to use a scan tool to get into the BCM but I guess I could be wrong?
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what year is your truck? Keyless entry did not become standard till 04+ 03- it was an option. Look up your RPO codes you should have AUO (keyless entry).

Edit: parts department should have noticed if your truck was applicable or not........ so we hope!

Mr. 960
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