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Alright guys,
I got a pair of them. They are 12" solo-baric DVC's. They are black with the red solo-baric logos in the middle of them. They only have a few months use on them and they havent been abused at all. I pulled them out of a tahoe and they have been in my garage in a box just sittin there for awhile now but im going to go ahead and sell these and buy the setup i want again when im ready for it. I had a Planet audio 1250 watt amp pushin these with bass control wired to the front of the vehicle and rarely did i ever turn it up to full potential. A little too much for me. This system SLAMS!!! I cant even handle the full dose. lol

Im looking for $260 shipped for the pair and id rather not seperate.

Im not really looking to sell the amp but if someone wants it, ill let it go for $220 shipped. Its a planet Audio VX1400D.

A box will be included if its a local sale but i will not ship it cause its too big and too heavy. It will only fit in something with alot of space anyhow such as a tahoe or suburban or something.

Everything is in EXCELLENT condition! Let me know guys.

Thanks, Taylor

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