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Kicker SX Amps, SS components, S10L7's, and more!

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I'm not gonna post all the boring specs on this equipment. Go to for all the technical info. This stuff came out of my truck before I sold it and I'm just going to something smaller.

Paypal is accepted. Shipping is through FedEx, and a tracking number is provided after the packages are dropped off. I ship on the same day or next day, depending on my work schedule.

Shipping is included with the prices. All prices are "or best offer", within reason.

Everything works fine. No problems with any of it. The amps have a few scratches from being behind the seat of my X-cab truck, but nothing that's too bad. Speakers are perfect, just a little dusty. I haven't cleaned any of this stuff up since it's been removed.

All original boxes and manuals are included. The 900.4 has endcaps, but the 1250.1 doesnt have any. The amp had to be repaired by Kicker about a year ago, and they robbed all the stuff that I sent back with it. It also comes in a plain cardboard box, unlike the rest of the equipment.

Kicker SX 900.4:
225 X 4 Multi-channel amp
Small scratches. Endcaps and all accessories included
$350 shipped
List price: $1099

Kicker SX1250.1:
1250 X 1 Mono amp
Small scratches. Repaired in 06, and Kicker robbed the parts. No endcaps included.
$325 shipped
List price: $1199

Kicker SS65.2
6 1/2" components
Comes with hardshell case with foam cutouts for all the speakers and crossovers
200W peak
100W RMS
$250 shipped
List price: $699

Kicker SS56.2
5 1/4" components
Comes with hardshell case with foam cutouts for all the speakers and crossovers
Kick panels not included ($75 extra). Fit's NBS trucks, charcoal grey
180W peak
$225 shipped
List price: $649

Kicker S10L7:
Solobaric L7 10"
1200W peak
600W RMS
Box not included. Fits NBS X-cab trucks, $60 extra, pickup only
Grills included
Original boxes included
$225 shipped for both
List price: $399/each

Stinger 5 Farad Hybrid Capacitor
5 Farad cap with voltmeter
$100 shipped

Q-Logic Kick panels:
Fits NBS trucks
Charcoal grey
$75 shipped

I also have an SXRC, which is the din-sized display that controls every function of the amps from where ever you mount it. It's out for repair right now because when I moved it to another spot in the truck I think I pinched the cable and messed it up. It'll be replaced by Kicker and I'm not too sure when it'll be back. $80 shipped on that. It's below the head unit in this pic.

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Whenever i get my taxes back which god knows when ill get back lol. Ill take the kick panels with the Stinger stuff i plan on getting from you if they are still around. But if you get a buyer before hand thats fine. Ill for sure take them though if your willing to wait.

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interested in your big mono block and the SXRC but would you have any idea where i could get the end caps? got any pictures of the scratches? also the return the date of the SXRC?

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Would the solobarics fit downfiring without lifting the backseat?

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Tommy: I'll see if I can find some endcaps. The local Kicker dealer here doesn't have any. Maybe you could find some on ebay. I don't want to make an empty promise on that SXRC. My best friend pacebria (from here) is the RoadShop manager at CC here, and he's supposed to be taking care of it. Two weeks after I gave it to him it was still in the trunk of his car. I'll find out tonight if it's been sent yet.

Scott: Not too sure about downfiring or not. They're pretty deep woofers. Firing forward sounded pretty good...

The box is a pre-built that Circuit sells, and I added a top layer of 3/4" MDF to the front to give the woofer a little more displacement room.

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That's correct, plus if you use the endcaps, you have to run the wires out the back of the amp rack, and if you do that, you can't screw it to the rear wall of a truck (like I did mine). I just hate selling something with parts missing. That amp rack was on the back wall of my truck just like that and if someone wants it like that, I can ship the rack too, leave the wires on it, and just pack up the amps in the boxes.
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