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Hello All,

this is my first post here in this fourm and I hope to
continue with you guys, after I saw different threads
and discussions about suspension and shocks etc..
and the knowledge that some of you got.

Moving to the main point of my post !
I own a sierra 2010 4WD and I'm looking to upgrade
my suspension to one of the best companies that manufacture
shocks such as , king, fox , icon and radflo..

currently I'm using bilstein 5100 up front with 1.77" of lift
but I'm willing to go more into shock performance, because in
my country we mostly go for desert crossing and dunes and
I can say we need a tune that can fit with this enviroment.

I did so much research about all these brands and my results were as this:

radflo : I test it in my friends car and it was realy nice it came with
a special tune for his use ( desert use and onroad use but little stiff ) also
it had the most travel numbers between all brands

Icon : same as radflo tuning - but no info about them until now!!

Fox : I were intersted on this brand especially with the new DSC adjusters
for low and high speed compression - but some expert said the low speed compression clickers I wont need them it only fancy thing to attract customers.

King : I can say king is king haha,, I tested the oem replacement
on my friend gmc sierra 2012 with chaning the UCA and it was bad test!
I was amazing with the ride quality onroad and in low speed offroading, but as soon as I increase speed the king start to bottom out fast because the UCA
keep hitting the frame droop stop , and I dont know i feel it is not for high speed
jumps or bumps !! before one month he changed to total chaos upper arms and the ride went better and the suspension worked fine but I didnt test it agian after changing the upper arms.

those were my research results , maybe some of you will agree with me and others will not !?

But I think king is the best choice !
but in ths same time I'm afraid of facing bottoming out while using it!

I saw Mazzulla offroad company luanded a new
modified king oem replacement that is bolt on and its made for mid travel uses
but some of there trucks are using it without changing the arms for mid travel purpose. its called ( mazzulla mid travel coilover for 4wd )

it gives 4" of lift and 6" of stroke and gives around 9.5 to 10" of
wheel travel up front without using extended arms and they told me
I wont need diff drop.

and the seconds choice is the normal king oem replacement
with compression adjusters but with special tune from
rogue racing company. ( 2" of lift , 5" stroke , 8.8" wheel travel up front )

all wheel travels with after market upper arms ofcourse.

so what do you advice me to choose?
1- mazzulla 4wd coilovers?
2- oem replacement / rogue racing tune ?

thanks in advance and sorry for the too much talking

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If you get a set of kings with the right spring rate (coilovers) and have them valved correctly for your application then they would be your best bet.

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Mazulla markets a specific King C/O that works with their Upper A-arm from the their Mid Travel Kit on an otherwise stock NNBS 2wd/4wd.

I actually returned my off the shelf front Kings to go that route.

Edit: Oops, guess I could have read your post more throughly... Get the "Mazzula" Kings and their Arms if you've got the $$$ to throw at it.

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money is not an issue..

someone told me that the mazzulla coilovers
doesnt have that much down travel !! which stress the car
while jumping in any jump !!

I'm a little bit confused whick to take !!

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someone told me that the mazzulla coilovers
doesnt have that much down travel !! which stress the car
while jumping in any jump !!
That's not Mazzulas fault, that would be a design/measurement flaw. Maybe stop listening to that "someone"

I would stick with King, Fox, and Icon.

I've seen quite a few RADFLOs with questionable machining.

Honestly you can't go wrong with the 3 brands above. Valving and setup will dictate FAR more than whos sticker is on the outside. Even "Application specific valving" isn't really application specific, its just a slightly better starting point VS an off-the-shelf shock for you to begin tuning them for your specific needs.

In regards to travel numbers, it's almost always a trade off. Lots of down -travel usually means limited up-travel and vice-versa.

It sounds like you want to use the truck off-road and even jump it a little bit. If you want an off-road race style shock to perform like an off-road race style shock you have to put in the time tuning them like racing teams do ( or as much time as you can provide) I will tell you that there are zero competitive teams out there that simply bolt shocks on and go. You will get out of it exactly what you put into it.


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thanks guys that was helpful for me.

I mostly seen people fit king and fox shocks on their
GM trucks.
I'm amazed with the work and modified parts that mazzulla
did. and about going offroading and jumps it will be around 30% of
my weekly driving.
what I mean I what something that will not fail me in any situation
so thats way I'm towards king shocks only because I know their quality
of work and they made something that is well measured.
but know I confused who is better normal oem with rogue racing tune or mazzulla
4wd king coilovers both with compression adjuster !

So still I dont know hahah , this is the link of the mazzull coilover:

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I've personally only had Kings and while I only had them for a short time they returned a wonderful ride. I was very impressed.

I have no personal experience with Muzulla but they have well earned reputation from reading desert racing sites.

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sounds like you should just find a reliable shop, tell them what you want, and have them do it if money is not the issue.

it takes quite a bit to reliably jump a 6k lb truck.

also do some research on some of the forums specifically devoted to these type of things.

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I dont want to toast my frame !!
I want my car at the end haha.. but my concern
is to get the performance that what I expected when I pay
4K or 5K $ for coilovers and shocks plus upper arms !

when you hit the desert you feel your truck is handling with
surfs and bump easy without any feel inside the cab and make your
engine less stress by absorbing bumps like a piece of cake

my coutry has rough terrain and I think I need a shock with disgressive tunning!!

I finally contact MZoffroad sales team, they told their coilover and uca is better
than OEM king replacement in terms of travel numbers and performance ..

I like to thank all of you for sharing ideas and help me on this.

I hope after one month I will be free to order Mazzulla mid travel coilovers and uca
and I will post a thread here with pictures and videos .

thanks again
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