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1) i'd stick with the oem sensors and i believe the oems come with a harness?.. check and see but if not yes get the harness and both sensors, i did this on a buddys truck and busted the harness pretty easily
2) yes
3) i'd take everything off of the throttle body and just keep the throttlebody on the manifold. if someone can chime in on a different method but thats the way i did it.
4) everything is pretty strait forward under the cover, if you think youll get lost mark the hoses/lines with some tape.
5) not sure of the proper way but i just poped the line and let the fuel spray out(wraped it with a rag n let it flow) and i actually used a flathead screwdriver on the tabs and pulled it out. no need for the tool.

I did this on an 04 4.8 but I think it should be pretty similar. Its not super hard for the mechanically inclined, took me a couple hours w/ a few smoke/beer brakes :) good luck
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