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1. I'd get some from NAPA at bare minimum. I don't think you'd need OEM but I wouldn't get cheap ones from Ebay.
2. May as well replace them both while you've got the manifold off. There isn't any reason to replace your manifold gaskets. More than likely, your intake hasn't been pulled often and those gaskets will reseal fine.
3. I'd leave the tb attached to the manifold. Your cruise control cable will just pull off the side of the TB and the actual throttle cable has a cylinder that needs to be pulled out from the side of the TB to release it. unbolt the three bolts on top of the manifold to move the cables out of the way.
4 buy the disconnect tool. its only $5 and will save you the hassle of messing up a steel fuel line and/or rail. Also, I wouldn't worry about an in/lb torque wrench. Just tighten the manifold back down from center outwards using German torque specs...GuudNtite (don't bare down on them...getting them snug will be fine).
5. passenger side of the cross over tube has a schrader valve (like found in a tire valve stem). Just use something to depress it to relieve the fuel pressure from the rail. have a rag ready to cover it when relieving pressure.
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