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Knocking Need help

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Ok now i am having some issues with mine. I noticed today coming back from gettin something to eat sounds like something is knocking somewhere in the rear could be wrong but that is where it sounded like it was coming from. Friday on my way to work i went over railroad tracks and after that it sounded like something was grinding metal on metal. I thought i was going to have to turn around a go get my dads truck to drive but i said the hell with it if it breaks AAA will come get me. It stopped doing that after about 1/2 mile. I have had the u-joints replaces in the last year on the rear but the fronts have been a few years. Could it be u-joints or something more serious
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had someone come by today and he said that it was either a bad cv or something in the transfer case
no it just sounds horrible all the time
So i have checked all of the fluids in the front diff, transfercase, and rear end they are all fine. But i did find some in and out play in the passenger side of the rearend. I can pull it in and out about 1/8-1/4 inch.
well lets go about this logically. what did you get to eat?
well lets go about this logically. what did you get to eat?

Pull the diff cover. how could somebody look at it and say its either cv or tcase? they arent anywhere close to eachother. The guy doesnt really know what he's doing, or he didnt really look at it. Either way, dont go with somebody guessing. the $100 diag from the dealer is WORTH it.
well lets go about this logically. what did you get to eat?
well lets see tonight i am eating steak and stuffed potatos. It was the rear end every thing was shot in it
the rearend play isnt bad cause its a semifloating axle. i bet it was bad bearings and everything went to shit
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