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Kobe jersey when he was #8, (size, L), I wore it maybe 3 times when i was in highschool have not wore it in 3 years. 50shipped

Shareef jersey #3(size L), samething have not wore it since highschool. 40shipped

Denver nuggets, hardwood classics jersey(size L). 40 shipped.

Akademiks shirt, worn once fit way to big (size 3XL) 15shipped

On the denver it has some spotting im sure it can be washed out whit some oxiclean or something. The rest of the jersey is perfect.

same whit the atlanta one, this is the only defect, i forgot how i got this,lol.

The laker one has like a pencil tip size one, not even noticible IMO.

Might aswell trow theses in here too.

LRG shirt (size XXL) 15shipped
Mark ecko shirt (size XL) 15 shipped
Element shirt (size L) 15shipped
Mark ecko polo (size XXL) 20shipped

Mark ecko polo (size L) (olive color) 20shipped
Kanji shirt (size XL) 10 shipped
Mark ecko polo(size XL) 20shipped
Indigo 30 pants (size 36X34) 30shipped

Most of the shirts are new (never worn) ive only worn the green polo at the mall for maybe 4hours and it has been in the closet ever since, the pants are new whit the tags attached (msrp 60 dollars)

Just tought ill post here and in acoulple days ill trow them on e-bay.

ALSO i have a bottle of poorboys SSR2 10shipped, it is new i bought a PC and got ssr2.5 instead so i doubt ima use it. If you buy multiple stuff i may toss in the ssr2 in for free.


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those would go good with my J's
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