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Leaking brakefluid by the tank..... Any ideas?

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I am driving my grandpas 97 z71 until i find the dmax i want. I have noticed the truck is leaking break fluid b/w the frame and gas tank. It is so tight in there i cant see whats going on. I cant see over it either to maybe see the leak. Has anyone else ran into this problem on their z? Thanks for any possible help.
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Common problem.
Really? well what is the culprit then? I am mechanically inclined but without being able to see the hose, I aint sure whats going on. If the bed was off, I could easily see. Just thought maybe one of you have ran into the same problem and keep me from digging into the unknown. Thanks.
It could be the line or the union that connects the two lines.
well i am off thursday so i am going to yank the bed off really quick and see what the deal is. His air vents also dont blow. No matter what setting its on the thing only blows out the floor vent. I am assuming either one of the flaps is closed or blocked, or a actuator isnt working. Any other ideas?
you're gonna have to get in behind the tank, really common problem on older trucks in general
Cant i get to it from the top though if i take off the bed? Looks like i may be able to.
you may, but its gonna be a big fucking headache either way

I've been known to just leave that shit in there and run a new line through
Well then i may just drop the tank so that i can get to it w/o a problem. Sucks cause it aint even my truck...... But I am getting to use it for free so i guess i should return the favor. If i could just find a clean, decent price dmax.... Makes me wish i woulda just kept my truck. :(
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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