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LED Interior Lights

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I was wanting to replace ALL of my interior lights with red led's to go with my black/red (maroon) theme. I was wondering what you guys think about this and is there a company thats noteable that can supply me with all of the lights for my interior? Do any of you have pics of a one color led interior? I know its going to be harder to see stuff, but im not too worried about it. I'm too poor and lazy to paint my maroon dash and trim pieces so im just going to go with the flow. The truck is a 96 Silverado Reg Cab.

Dave E.
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I had a friend put red lights in his truck and they looked really cool on the red interior. I use my interior lights all the time though so I don't know that I could do that mod. Sounds pretty cool to me though!
I have red lights that I have hooked to two switches on my dash. They are mounted under the driver and passenger dash. They look really cool at night and suprisingly light the cab up a lot!
This place sells LEDs =>

The only thing i did was put blue leds under each window and door lock buttons in the door panels. It was a little bit of a bitch cuz i actually soldered and wired up resistors, but it turned out great.
Yeah ive heard of superbright before. I was actually looking into the "formed" LED lights alright. I don't have a bit of patience right now to solder up stuff. I've seen company's like Raybrig make the "fuse type" led for the dome lights and stuff.

Help, once again, is appreciated
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varad does a lot of led lighting, although i dont think they have bulb specific lighting, i guess they do, heres the link
might qwant to try i hope thats the site anyone tell me if it works.
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