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Led problems!! need help

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I've got some 5 led 194 bulbs from but for some reason they'll last a couple weeks but then start flickering and eventually either the whole bulb will go out or only some leds on the bulb will work. Now the weird thing is i have them in my gauge cluster and its only one or two in the same spot that do it and the rest are fine and I also I got them in my tag lights and one always flickers and eventually goes out. Do any of you guys know why this keeps happening and if theres anything I can do about it. Thanks
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Sounds to me like they are getting to much voltage and it is burining them out. Your truck has a voltage regualtor to keep everything under a usable 14 volts. But if the LED's are getting more then they can handle, then they will burn up. It could be your voltage regualtor, which I doubt, or a bad batch of leds from
Well I know it's not a bad batch of leds because i've replaced them about three times. If anyone has anymore ideas let me know.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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