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Led's Installed (pics inside)

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well, i got home early enough and remembering enough to take some pics for y'all. First one is before, last 2 are with the LED's.



Sorry there a little blurry, but you should get the point. I just wanna say thanks to SIK for the awesome shipping and help even though i was a PITA to them wondering where my products' were. :rocking:

NOTE: Gimme some honest opinions, ill have some more pics up of the white needles that are on there way as well.
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looks cool
I love the red LED look :head:

Looks like my T/A's dash...all nice and red at night :drool:
daaamn, that is siiick. how u do that? how much?
It was pretty much the same thing as putting a layover gauge face on. Remove the trim around the gauges, air conditioning control and stuff, then remove the 4 screws holding the cluster in, then pull it out. on the back (for my 96 anyway) there are 3 black and 3 grey bulb holders/connectors. I removed all of them and replaced the bulbs with the led's at once. Then i simply put one LED in at a time to make sure they weren't installed with the opposite polarity. Probably took me 20-25 minutes tops because i lost a screw in the air conditioning vent and had to get my extension magnet thing out and go fishing.

I think the bulbs were $30 from SIK ( ) and they have them in a wide variey of colors now. The stainless layover can be yours from US Speedo (manufacturer) or stylinconcepts for around $200 i believe.
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We (SIK) our a dealer for US SPeedo also :head: :rocking: Lookin' good!
So ya gonna post me under ur gallery on SIK right? :crazy:

Seriously, good quality products and service, sorry for giving (i think it was Adam) such a damned hard time with the emails. Just waiting for US speedo to ship me the right needles then ill send the wrong ones back.
naw, you probably delt with Matt :D he does all the e-mails
i like it!! how many led's per bulb (i hope that makes sense)?
kAdUkUbOy said:
i like it!! how many led's per bulb (i hope that makes sense)?

It makes sense, or atleast to me it does, and theres 4 LED's per "bulb" or "socket"
oh ok i love the wat that looks cause my last car was a pontiac grand prix so thats going on my list :rocking:
i wonder if there's a way to do the A/C controls too
jgood2709 said:
i wonder if there's a way to do the A/C controls too
Thats what im trying to figure out too...we think alike, lol. I'm investigating the situation right now while my truck is immobile due to needing the new mufflers welded on and the turndown hitting the road since its only held on by one hanger...
i do believe Dark Eternal had done this to his truck with the a/c controls...not sure how, but he was going to write up an tech article but i guess never got around to it or something
if i can just figure out what bulb it is ill throw some red LED's in there too...guess its time to remove the AC controls, i was thinking about painting them anyways. Just have to figure out how to covor up the markings that show whats on what.
this guy did the a/c controls too...

but then there's also the headlight switch and the 4wd buttons. i bet they all use those 194 bulbs, so it shouldn't be too hard.
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Hey dude, looks awesome! I have a question or two though. On the SIK site, they only list bulb kits up to 02' model. Any idea if they'll fit the 04' also? And About your stainless gauge cover...........did you get just the plain stainless gauge set with the white numbers or did you get the one with the colored numbers? Oh and needle set also........I'm guessing you got the white needle and black base right? Wonder if the silver base on the needle is worth the extra $5..... Thanks man
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