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Finished a full interior and exterior detail on a white Lexus last night.

Here are the steps and products used:

Interior: Vacuum, carpet cleaning to remove stains, glass cleaning, interior cleaning and wipe down, leather cleaner and conditioner applied, door jambs wiped down.

Exterior: Strip wash, clay bar, one step polish because paint was actually in pretty good shape, wax, tire dressing.

Products Used: Adams Carpet & Upholstery cleaner, Adams glass cleaner, Adams TID, CG Leather Cleaner, CG Leather Conditioner, Adams Car Soap,
CG Clay Bar, Shine Supply Shine Mist, Flex 3401 Polisher, Lake Country Orange Foam Pad, Shine Suppy Classic Cut Polish, CG Butter Wet Wax and Surf City Garage Pro Exterior Trim Conditioner.

On to pics.

Carpet before cleaning.

After Adams Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.

Here you can see some water marks on the hood.

After Classic Cut Polish, water marks are gone.

After polishing, before wax.

After polishing and waxed.

Under LED light, no swirls or scratches. Flake on this paint is awesome!

Finished pic before delivery, nice and shiny!

Thanks for looking!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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