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Lh6 swap help

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Hey people,
I'm new to the ls world and man it's confusing. I bought (3) 5.3's with everything but the harness and computer. They are, an Lm7, Lh6, Ly5. What I'm trying to do is put the Ly6 in a Datsun Z and make 700hp with boost iand supporting mods n the future. I want to do this as cheat as I can just to get it up and running for now. I want to use the intake manifold from the Lm7 (brive by cable) on the Lh6.. I don't know what reluctor I have yet but I know it has the oil pan for awd , 799 heads, and flat top pistons. My biggest struggle is trying to figure out what the stock ecm can handle and which ecm to even use especially with drive by cable on a gen 4. Thank you all so much for any help!
End goal in the future;
Lh6 with AFM delete
Healthy cam
706 heads
Flat top pistons
10.311 compression
Intercooled turbo
Standalone self tuning EFI kit.
In a a 1976 Dastun 280z
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Go to LS1Tech. This is most certainly the wrong board lol
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