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Lift and Tire questions, how big can i go?

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hey, i got another question! i got some money now from sellin my atv which is kinda sad :nono: :imo , but anyways...... i'm going to get a 3 inch body lift for my 2001 chevy silverado Z71... my question is, if i go with a 16X8 inch wheel what is the biggest tire i can go with, and if i go with a 16X10 what is the biggest tire i can go with, i don't want any rubbing, i can trim if needed...... somebody help me please! thanks! :bowtie: also, if anybody has pictures of trucks like these i would really like to see them cause i'm curious to how it looks and how far the tires will stick out......... and also what backspacing is required to run those wheels and stuff?
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You can clear a 305 on both without rubbing. and you should be able to run any backspacing you want since you'll have stock suspension. but if theres any thought of doing a suspension lift down the road i'd go with 10" wide wheels with at least 4 5/8 backspacing so you could still run a spindle lift with the same rims.
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