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Lift Blocks

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I have spent the past 3 days searching this topic and picked up a tone of info.

I need to pick up a 1 inch lift block preferably with U-Bolts and have seen a TON of kits out there..

Problem is, they all have round U's, and correct me if I am wrong, I need the square U bolys for my OBS Tahoe?

The kits with square bolts all seem to have alumunum blocks - which I found are no good.

So....can anyone steer me towards a good 1 inch cast iron block with Chevy U Bolts?

Also - is this soemthing I can do myself? ( I am not too mechanically inclined...but am not a retard)
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ORU makes a 1 inch zero rate AAL, and it bolts to the pack and should come with u-bolts.

If not, go to the local brake and spring shop and have them bend you some. I got mine for 44 bucks.
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