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lift options?

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i was wondering if there was anything wrong with doing just a 3 inch body lift? or should i go suspension?
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Ok here it goes:

a bodylift only seperates the frame from the body, this does a few things
1) makes it look bigger, your body is technically taller
2) gives you more tire clearence
3) is a cheap way to lift it

now with that said here are the cons
1) no more ground clearence
2) creates gaps between frame and body, but can be hidden with gap guards
3) on OBS trucks the frame is exposed ALOT, not as bad on NBS trucks though

a suspension lift on the other hand modifys your suspension, droping the rear axle and front IFS down to lift the entire vehicle, not just the body. They are far better for clearence and generally taller as well. But also way more money. It depends what your looking to do with your truck. If you just want a small size increase for bigger tires, a BL is great, if you want more ground clearence for even bigger tires to use offroad etc.. I would save your money for a suspension.
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