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Anybody have any pictures of a OBS truck with this lift on it?

The lift is a Rancho 3.0 in. Front/1.5 in. Rear lift.
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I had that lift on a 90' stepside running 32x12.5 on 15x10" rims with mickey T baja's for about a year. I didn't know much about lifts and cv angles back then but I chewed through idler and pitman arms like crazy with that setup. Plus it didn't drive that well. I would NOT recomend that kit unless you intend on leaving your stock rims and nothing bigger than 285's. After a years time, I swapped out that lift kit for a trailmaster 4" full drop kit, and then drove for another 80k without going through another idler or pitman arm... Like someone said above, save and get a "true suspension lift" or do a body lift. I personally don't think that kits worth the money or time to install it for what you get out of it.. Plus it never fails, you'll always want bigger after you start lifting.....
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