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Lift/Tire Question.

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Okay guys...
would 3 inches of body lift be too big for 285 dualer A/T's????
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These are 285s on a bodylift

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how big of a body lift is on that??

give me your honest you think that looks good?
Thats a 3", it looked just fine in person. I know its a 3" because I put it on about 5 min before that pic was taken :anitoof:
the performance parts link on this forum has a 3 inch body for 145...thats a good price right?
sorry for all the questions..kinda new to this stuff
??? thats an unreal price, it must be wrong. It should be more like 230 or more. It may not have bumper brackets if its 150
doesnt have the rear bumper brackets. Call jeff at PLC and he will get you everything you need.
how much will i be spending?
Sevenfold it is a 98

well guys i will check this forum out tommorow im bout to go to bed...
thanks for all the help
less than 300 + instal
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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