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Lift to put on my ride

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Hey guys I was looking around and just wanting to clarify. If putting on a 4 in or less lift on the obs 94-98 you will not need a steering or driveshaft extension. This will be my first vehicle that I actually will be doing any types of mods to. Ive been reading a ton of crap on lifts and etc... I was planning on getting wheels since I need new tires soon. Then getting the lift and new tires. Since that I have scrapped that idea and I am just going to save and get it all at once.

My truck is plain jane as you can see in my avatar or intro pics. I bought it off some old dud who drove it to work and thats about it. Got some high miles since he lived 80 miles from his work though. But under 150 and these motors are just getting broke in :imo .

So if anyone has some tips tricks or advice on what I should be doing in the meain time or when I get the lift let me know. So far I am replacing the lights all around with euro styles lights. I wanted to get the exhaust dumped but I heard some lifts may require exhaust mods soo that is on hold also. Ive got a headunit installed still need the cd delete pocket though. I have a box for two 10s under the rear seat when I get some new subs (long story though I had some). For now I just have a jl 10 in a behind the seat box from my old rcsb stepside. The little dude that sits back there doesnt touch the floor yet. Other then that I have just cleaned the shit out of it since the guy was sort of a slob. Gave me a helluva deal though slob or not. Thanks guys and based on some of the other feedback on questions I have had I am all ears.
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