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Lifted 10 SCSB .. gotta love um

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Got my truck all finished up for now.

7" FTS with Bilstein's
20x12 Moto Metal 962's
35x12.50-20 Federal's
4:88 gears
Diablo Tuned
Flomaster super 40

Flat angles .. oh ya

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Looks good man. Makes me miss my old rcsb a little. I wonder how long it'll be before you debadge and Detmold lol
I tried a set on mine but I felt they looked like dumbo ears lol. Also I feel your pain hell I always felt like they should have been taller. Hell I was set at 8" on 35s and not really much taller than the leveled truck on 33s. (ignore all the lame shit on mine)

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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