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Hey guys,

I'm selling my silverado (see build thread) but since this is my first lifted truck I'm not sure what it's worth private party. I of course don't expect much, if any, additional value from the lift, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot asking for too little considering the extras I've put into it. I already have offers from Carmax and the local Chevy dealer so I know where the bottom end is but I was hoping to get some opinions from you guys on what to list it for on craiglist. I'm located in the Portland Oregon area, and I get up to Olympia/Greys Harbor pretty regularly.

KBB for 2013 Silverado 1500 crew cab LT 4x4 with ~69,000 miles is about $26k. I bought new and am only

2015 style tow mirrors, painted white, white LEDs, smoked lenses with turn signals and defrost
shorty black antenna
projector lenses with HIDs
switchbacks, no reflectors
LED fogs
high 6 lights mod
reverse lights tied to cargo lights
4" Aries nerf steps
black bow ties
premium line-x bedliner
color matched rear bumper
rear wheel liners

black cloth interior perfect condition
dual power bucket seats
center console
60/40 rear bench
floor mats
digital HVAC

1.25" rough country body lift
6-9 FTS lift w/ FTS shocks set at 8"
FTS upper control arms with greasable bushings and ball joints
rear spring shackle flip and zero rate
FFR heim steering rods

wheels - 20x12 -44 Moto Metal MO968
tires - 35x13.50r20 Toyo RT, only have 10k on them

magnaflow 5x8x14 dumped after exhaust, 5 inch tip
Airaid modular intake tube
Blackbear performance tune (high octane or regular)

backup camera
remote start
large kinetik battery with big 3 upgrade
new slotted and drilled rotors and pads

Here's an album:

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I'm not in the market but I am in the area. Just curious why you're selling it?

Trying to get out of debt. Going to pick up a beater to drive for a while.

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Honestly most people are not going to give you over blue book/NADA value for cosmetic aftermarket parts. If you leave the aftermarket parts on it i think you are doing OK if you get blue book for it.

If I were in your shoes I'd return the truck suspension back to stock, put the stock wheels back on and sell it as is. Sell the wheels, suspension, nurf bars, and any other aftermarket part to recoup some of your losses.

This is coming from a guy that lowers and puts wheels on vehicle I own. Good luck.
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