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lifted z71 with 14 bolt tech question

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I have a 2000 z71 with 9 inches and an 85 14 bolt in the rear. I replaced my gears yesterday, and have the detroit no-spin locker in my 14 bolt. For some reason upon putting my axles back in and filling with gear oil, the locker will not engage, just clicks and the drive shaft spins. Any ideas as to what this could be? Im tryin to go out this weekend and ride, and gotta get these gears somewhat broken in right, especially since according to 4wheelparts in memphis, I got the last set in the country of the thin gears for the 4:56 and up carrier! Thanks for your help!
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Yeah, I put it in drive, tried pushing it, rocking it back and forth, jacked it up and tried to manually roll the wheels to get it to lock. No luck. We greased the inner caps that go ontop of the springs inside the locker to get them to hold while assembling it. That was the only thing I could imagine might have done soemthing. Upon disassembly it wasnt broken, and while disassembling I flipped it over instead of doing it piece by piece so that I didnt mess anything up or have anything fall out.
It clicks while spinning and the driveshaft spins, it just wont lock up.
Yeah, its a 14ff. Do you know where I can find an exploded view of the locker/carrier assembly so I can see what bolt you are talking about? It was working before I took it apart, which means either something is backwards or I didnt see something come out.
Put the thrust washers back in, used grease to hold them in while i pushed everything back together. I already had the detroit in the carrier, not new to me. maybe the teeth are misaligned. I will have to check that. Thanks, any other opinions on what could be going on here other than the teeth misaligned?
The thrust washers are splined and are on top of the springs inside the locker correct?
I did not add any new parts to the locker/carrier. Just what was already there. The locker was in my axle before I put the new gears in. What I am referring to I guess you would call are retainers.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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