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im not a huge light bar fan (i like grille guards) but that one does look good. Im not saying I dont like them, just not for me. If you want more of the pre runner look though they work out perfect. What brand is that one? I know the procomp ones are pretty stout, havnt had experiance with other brands though.

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i love simple light bars like that. they look good and hold lights.
they look good and hold lights! amen brutha

light bars are alright, i like a full manik though, i think they look very sweet, but not very practicle

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Jeff said:
make sure you get one that bolts to metal and not the bumper cap. i love simple light bars like that. they look good and hold lights.
The ORI bar that I just bought arrived with 0 instructions. Looking at their pictures (which aren't zoomed in) it appears these light bars are merely bolted on top of the plastic. When I realized this would not work, I called ORI. The guy that answered said "I told the boss he needed to put instructions in those." He proceeded to tell me to hole saw 4 places through the bumper cap to mount directly to metal.

This was after I had already John Wayne'd it and went charging in :superhack I realized that there is more space between plastic and metal on the front than there is on the top a little too late and wound up sawing out 6 holes instead of 4. I had to move my original holes on top back an inch or so to make up for the increased set back. :mad:

Now I have 2 places on my bumper that look like :poop: because they are cut open places with metal showing through.

Do you guys know of any way to patch this, or am I just SOL and have to buy another bumper cover?

Oh, by the way, the 2 bolts they sent me to attach the prerunner to the top of the bumper had the wrong sized nuts on them :flamingde so I had to run into town and buy the right size to get the job done.

These pics were taken at night in my garage under poor lighting. Sorry!

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