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Looking to get a new bedliner for my black 07 and was woundering if i went with black if i should get the extra or just the regular black anyone have pice of the black with the extra and without?
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Money not mattering, I'd probably get the extra. It's annoying that it costs that much for the additive, but it seems that it would cut down on maintenance if you wanted it to continue looking shiny new.
what is the extra any way?
I just have the normal, its defiantly the best mod I've done to any truck period.
I can get some pics of my bed with Line-X plus extra today, during lunch. It's nice and shiny, so they should come out nice. I love the look it gave the truck with the extra added on. Although my tonneau covers it up now. :p

Extra is to give it a shiny look and also has some type of UV protection in it, to prevent it from becoming dull. At least that is how I remembered it.
i may get the extra added to mine if they can do it over the top of exsisting line x someday ;)
line-x is in my future!
yea i would love to see pic and would be be nice to know if you can add the extra later
i say fuck the extra it looks flat without it shiny with it me id prefer mine flat looking

now if i can get an extra 400 bucks id be set
Get the Extra. My buddy has an 06 he had sprayed with Line-X a year, year and a half ago maybe. It looks like absolute shit. It's greenish gray now and dull all hell. His is an open bed, all the time, not garaged, no tonneau cover.
If you get regular LINE-X, occasionally apply an "Armoral" type product several times a year. If you do that, the product will keep its color and gloss. We like either Just Once ( or 303 Aerospace. If you want a maintence free LINE-X bedliner, get LINE-X Xtra. Just wash it off when it gets dirty. Xtra resists fading and loss of gloss, extremely durable (contains a Kevlar micro pulp), and is available in black or for color matching.
can uadd the extra on top of old line x?
Yes, you can apply Xtra to an existing bedliner, but best results (most durability) occurs when applied to a freshly sprayed bedliner.

Dealers are free to set their own prices. But, a reasonable price range will be an extra $160 to $200.
also be careful when making appointments, the Xtra application takes additional time, needs to be applied when its not raining, and not every line-x dealer applies it. 160- 200 is reasonable for the Xtra.
You can get other bedliners with the UV protectors in them.. I know that Permatech has a low pressure liner that has UV prohibitors alread in it and we sell the short bed under the rail for $325 where I work. We also offer a high pressure liner that has the same chemicals as the Permatech and so it also has the uv prohibitrs in it.
Hey Josh, I was in San Antonio this past weekend. I thought about coming by, but I really didn't have time.

Some bedliner companies (such as Permatech) use paint injection systems. Paint injection systems are not new and there are some inherent problems with those types systems. LINE-X has chosen not to go that route. You should take a look at these types of bedliners. They sort of have an opaque look to them. It's my opinion that injection system liners are not as nice looking as LINE-X's method.

Here's a closeup of a LINE-X'd door sill with Xtra. Perfect color match, appropriate texture, glossy, very classy look.
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So basically it would cost about 600 buck for a shortbed to get line-x'ed with extra?
600 is about right. i agree. the UV inhibitors in the low pressure liners look like shit :imo The Xtra gives it almost an OEM look. every customer ive sold Xtra to has been very satisfied and will get it again. i personally have it in my bed and love it.

Next time stop by!
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