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locking rear question

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my new truck is a z-71 so i think it has a g-80 when it locks in it makes a loud clunk and kind of roles back until it locks if i'm on a hill is that normal?
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Mine does it too, but mine also shudders once in awhile. Sounds like i might have the problem:D
Yea, mine has the G80 and it makes noises. Normal i guess
mine does it alot when i turn so i guess its the limited slip kicking in
when i took mine on a hill sideways it let the one tire in the air to start slipping for a little while and then it would klunck and shudder when it engaged the locker and then both tires began turning at the same speed and i drove off the hill and when i drift i can feel it when it locks up because i can hear it klunck into being locked my nieghbor who is a certifed GM mechinic says that is how it is suppose to be so i hope that helps a little...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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