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logo shadows

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I bought a truck that was logoed by a company. They removed the logos before they sold it to me. I have since then removed all the glue left by the logo, but I'm left with "shadows" of the logos.

How can I get these off? A local shop quoted me $1000+ to remove them. But I think I could do it for less in a day.

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sounds like it has faded out a bit, your gonna need to polish it all and detail it. try with a light polish and if it doesnt work then move up to a heavier duty polish. if not, you may need to compound it

goof off or goo gone. wipe on let it set wipe off. then the panel should be a little hazy. then buff it wax it.
goof off or goo gone isnt going to remove the "shadows", only the glue, sounds like the paint has faded or is in worse shape than what was under the stickers
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