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Long beds

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Does any one on here have a long bed? It seems that everyone has a short bed, and i wish i did too, but i got a helluva deal. Anyone have any pics of lowered long beds? What do yall think of them?
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green beast said:
Budas truck is almost identical to mine, except mines basically stock. Workin on that though. Mine is green w/ a grey along the bottom. Truck looks sweet man. Some rims would look nice.
Thanks for the props man. You should shoot some pictures of yours. Rims what rims not having a real job makes it more difficult to buy new rims, I'm working on it.

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If you want the long low look nothing wrong with that. If you want a "sport truck" look it's harder to pull off with a long bed, but can be done. So yeah, build your long bed, you'll stand out more.
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