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Looking for a bag setup?

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I just bought a new 2004 silverado, and i am looking to bag it. I am wondering if n e one can help me figure out a good bag kit to buy. Its going to be a daily driver so i need it to be smooth. Also if n e one knows where there is a place that installs them, in the New Jersey, or Philly, or New York Area.
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I would go coolride by ART up front and KP Components 4 link with canti in rear :imo
Definately go with a kp 6 link in the rear. Another option for the front would be to modify the stock lower control arms, and cups. I'm running this set up with 1/2" GC valves and slam specialties bags, and I am more than happy with it. Sorry, but I cant help ya with finding someone in NJ to do bags.

I hope that helps!
another option for the rear would be the ART air bar, especially if you are plannin on doing any light towing
ART Airbar or KP for sure. If you want a soft ride and don't tow i'd go with the KP rear kit.

As for the front...ART coolride would be a great package.

You'll also need a compessor system. If you are looking for great reliability and can give up some speed to get it, check out the ART Ridepro system. If you want it a little faster go with the Big Reds. If speed is all you care about, get some 1/2" valves and go from there :D
I am hosting a gp for the Air Ride Technologies parts righ now here is the link
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