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Looking for a folding center seat/console

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I've been on ebay for months trying to find a folding center seat/console with the same material as my non-folding center seat. Here is a pic of a exact look-alike of my seat I have now.
gmc seat.JPG

If anyone can help me out, or tell me how I can convert my orginal seat into a folding seat/console feel free to drop me a line.

E-mail [email protected]


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okie_in_cali said:
Hey sounds great. Do you want to throw me some pics and I'll throw you some prices, or name your price? I'm new at this so how ever you think it should go down. Just let me know.
i dont have a camera but i can borrow one and let me find out the going price so we can agree on a fair deal

it might be this weekend before i can take out the console/seat because its raining here and its supposed to contuine all this week
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