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Anybody running these in 18x10, chrome with 5" to 6" of lift? If so, would you mind posting pics and offset specs? Already looked through the RCX lift thread. Seen a few in black, and some in chrome but not 18".

Also, my 07 currently has the RCX 5" with 305/65R18's on stock wheels with the 2" rear wheel spacers (see pics). I wouldn't mind the wheels/tires bulging out slightly more but not too much. With that in mind, what would you guys suggest for backspacing/offset? Clearance shouldn't be a problem as I'll be adding Bilstein 5100s soon.

{edit} Just spoke with the guys from Nothinbutlifts and he suggest 18x10 with -12 offset. Anyone have pics of those in chrome on a 5" to 6" lifted Silvy or Sierra? Also, wouldn't mind seeing some pics of other chrome wheels in 18x10 -12.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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