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Looking to buy a new truck

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Well I am currently in Hawaii but when I get back home in a week I am pulling a $20k loan and purchasing a chevy silverado 1500 ext cab. I am wondering what would be the best lift for this truck I am thinking 6" and 35's or 9" and 37s also if I lift my truck should I opt for the v8 over the v6 even if its just the small v8. I cant afford the larger one I dont think since im looking for a low mileage 2001-2003 prob under 40k miles and power everything. What do you guys recommend also where can I research more about these trucks and prices of them?
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Id say go with the 4.8 atleast...i know there some people that have the 4.3, but i just like the power of the v8s. V6s will turn the tires, but you might want to go with a lower most people would run 4.10 and 35s and have good power with a v8, you might wanna consider 4.56s if you have a v6 to make up on the torque some.
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