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Looking to buy a Suburban

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I am looking for a used '01-04 Suburban 8.1 4x4. Are there any problems with the truck or engine? I have joined other forums with the same question and have received little or no response. Are they that reliable? I am replacing a '95 Ram V10 that has had its share of problems.

Also I have noticed on some HD Silverados before they changed the to the current front end that the hood has more of a bulge. Can someone tell me what years these came on? I might want to put one on my Suburban when I get one.
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One of our members here and a Preferred Vendor, Tbyrne, has a Suburban with an 8.1, he put the whole HD front end on, but you could just put the hood on. He's probably the man for you to talk to.

He sells performance items, can you tell? :LOL:


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yes theres a problem with it...the damn thing EATS GAS LIKE A MOFO! but seriously, other then that nothing is wrong with them burbans are tanks...and depending on mileage the thing could easily last 10 dad, i know its not full size SUV or truck, has a 92 g20 conversion van with 135k miles on it and it runs like a doesnt have alot of miles but its been through 11 winters..and im sure it will make it through the next one, prolly the next few. but again, with any vehicle for the most part as long as you treat it good and have it maintained and all that happy horse shit then it will last until it rusts apart haha
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