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lost all movement

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Recently rebuilt 4L60E, has 700 miles on it, and has been really great. I changed the fluid and filter at 200 miles and everything was nice and clean. Rebuild consisted of new clutches, beast sunshell, new planet gears, vette servo, aluminum accumulators (replace the stock plastic ones), and the transgo shift kit. Also have a 2500 stall. I did not do anything to the pump other then put the springs in that came with the shift kit.

Today I was driving home from work and it was shifting normal when all of a sudden it starts free revving, acting like its in neutral. I was at the beginning of my road, so I got to my driveway and started shifting through gears manually and there's nothing. Doesn't even feel like its engaging into gears. I checked the fluid and its full. I also checked the fluid with the truck off, then turned the truck on and rechecked it and the fluid level does drop. My initial thoughts were possibly the pump, but now I don't know since the fluid level drops with the truck running. Any suggestions?

edit - will also add that I checked underneath and there are no leaks anywhere. No loud or abnormal noises when running. Torque converter is bolted to flywheel and is spinning.
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I had a similar issue with my trailblazer. My Torque converter wasnt locked in properly and wound up grenading my trans, no weird noises or clunking while it was in that free rev. I had Park and everything else was neutral. Mine happened after about 20 feet though not 700 miles
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