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lots of chebby stuff

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4-barrel 454 big block with about 5,000 on fresh overhaul

shot Th400 transmission with torque converter

NP208 transfer-case on about 2,000 miles fresh overhaul

6 inch tough country suspention lift for 73-87 chevy p/u includes shocks, brakelines, and steering correction. leaf front, block & addleaf rear

3 inch performance eccesories body lift.. all blocks, including shift linkage extention

FF14 bolt with 4.10:1 gears

Dana 44 with new brakes and rotors, 4.10:1 gears

15/39.5x15 super swamper trxus STS super swampers on 15x10 white spoke 8 lug rims

Any other misc. parts just ask.. side windows, good winshield, sliding rear window, tube bed rails, chrome push bar

tail gate is in good condition, drivers side door has a little rust at the bottom. passenger side front fender is perfect except a bullet hole near the mirror.

Nice interior seat, grant steering wheel, good door panels, trim, lower dash.. ect. ect

Any other parts just ask, i might have them.
Ask for pics and make offer for prices.
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NastyGMC said:
their wayyyyyy good in snow.... and we all know you get tons of snow in Texas..
True.... Im really woried about snow.

Recent studies actually show that as an effect of global warming and the melting ice caps - the gulf stream is eventually going to collapse. This will cause the average temp to drop as much as 20 degrees farenheight in north america and some areas of europe - while the rest of the world will raise about 5 degrees. This should happen withing the next 75 years at the rate we are going. It wont be a slow change either - it would be one huge drastic change - probably a few weeks of awfull storms and then just colder temps. Not a huge deal in the long run - but it would cause snow in texas a lot more often!

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what condition are the swampers in, a buddy of mine is in the market for some tires. any pics please send to [email protected]
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