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I'm in need of money so i'm selling some stuff I have lying around that i don't use anymore
2 airsoft BB guns almost brand new still in the boxes come with about 500 6mm bb's
-Spring powered MP5 with built in silencer and retractable stock:$40
-Gas-Blowback style semi-auto nickle plated berreta:$100
i also have a CB i don't use anymore doesn't have a mic cuz buddy borrowed it and never returned it
-Cobra 19 DX III comes with a 48" antenna and 20' of co-axial cable:$70
And a Medium sized Helmet
-Bieffe 300 MX helmet with SCOTT goggles: $75
I have a bunch of truck related stuff too
-2 31x10.50 dunlop rover rv's with about 75% tread:$20 each
-4 15x8 5 on 5 bolt eagle rims 3 of them have michlin 215/70 mounted:$130
-Set off stock running boards off a 98 4wd 2 door Tahoe:$75
-stock valence off the same tahoe: $20

Pics in the next post
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