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Lower Ball Joint PITA!!!

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I'm trying to remove the ball joint from the lower control arm (the spindle is already off)

Alright so today I tackle removing my 2/4 drop kit and re-installing the stocl shackle hangers in the rear with an additional 3" block from Readylift. Also I removed the drop springs in the front and put the stock coils back in with a 2" spacer from RL as well. I also installed new upper balljoints...

I got all but the right front done! I probably spent 5+ hours just fucking with that corner!!!! The lower ball joint is seized in there! I grinded the rivet heads off the tops and bottoms, air hammered that som bitch, sledged it, heated it, drilled it (broke two bits as well) - I'M F_CKING DONE with that mofo!!!

So on Monday I'll be looking for a right lower control arm replacement! I'm soooo f_ckin tired and pissed!

IS there an easy way to remove a stuck ball joint, from the lower control arm? Maybe something I didn't think of?
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heat the spindle should swell enough for you to hammer the ball joint out:imo
heat the spindle should swell enough for you to hammer the ball joint out:imo
Sorry I re-edited the original post

The spindle/knuckle is off already, I'm trying to remove the balljoint from the lower control arm :shake:
lower control arm BJ's are a bitch. find somebody with a strong air hammer and let them have at it. i tried heating mine, air hammering them and it didnt budge at all. finally a guy at work gave me a different tip for my air hammer that was flat and the same diameter as the slug in the arm and it popped them out. hitting them with the sledge just mushroomed them and made it harder
Air hammer, the freer of stuck things.
I learned after dicking with the ball joints in my s10 then seeing the ones on this truck I am taking the damned thing to a shop!
Alright I will continue with the air hammer quest today, if that doesn't work I'm just gonna get a used one and take it straight away to the mechanics shop... :ninja:

thanks for in replies
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