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Lowered a 00 Chevy SWB this weekend

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A buddy of mine wanted some help lowering his 00 Chevy this weekend so he brought it over sat morning to install the DJM 4/6 kit. It insisted of 4" LCAs, 6" flipkit, and Toxic shocks all the way around. we started on the front and we couldnt get the lower ball joints off of both sides so we moved to the back and finished it up on sat. we bought an air hammer and stacked 2 forks on top of each other to get the bastards off finally on sun. turned out pretty good i thought.

On to the pics

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whats on the bottom of his doors and what are his plans?
um... wha???
it has the chrome pieces on the bottom of the doors, he was trying to get them off, just hasnt finished it yet.
easiest way to remove the ball joints...HEAT THE SPINDLES!!! after heating, use the pickle fork and hit it with a couple solid hits and it'll bust free:anitoof:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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