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Lowering Kit....4/6 DJM Calamax drop 99-02

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I have an new, still in box DJM Calamax 4/6 lowering kit (lower control arms, rear flit kit/c-notch) for a 99-02. I bought it with the intention to lower my 02 and I have decided not to lower this truck. I also have 4 toxic shocks for this drop kit. I would prefer not to break it up, so the first person who wants it all takes it. All I want is what I paid for it, which is $500.00, and that includes shipping. PM me or e-mail me at [email protected].
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Blue02 said:
damn that is high, didnt know that. It is a good deal for who ever buys it. BTW why did you decide not to lower your truck
Ah...I am a mini-trucker at heart I guess. I want to do a 1st generation x-cab S-10. I wanted to get away from working on my daily driver. I might lower it later, but now, the s-10 is a more realistic goal for me.
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